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You are about to get a taste of the unique and most successful money-saving strategies of the master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, Joe Buckley. With national recognition, his new product and information is sweeping the Internet like a raging fire! He is an expert Internet marketing consultant with Over 19 years Search Engine Optimization Experience and owned one of the most successful Internet marketing companies in the world. In the following there is a personal letter from Joe Buckley, Internet Marketing expert. In case you didn't know, most people in the SEO industry will not share their techniques and concepts. They are guarded secrets; the cherished nuggets of gold that make them what they are. I'm sure that you are wondering why Mr. Buckley is revealing these secrets. Well, frankly, it's because he, like you, has finally reached the conclusion that we are getting taken advantage of... we don't get what we deserve and we are spending ridiculous amounts of money to drive traffic to our website(s). Perhaps we should let Mr. Buckley himself explain. Below is a personal letter written to clarify the situation:

Boston, MA

Dear Friend,
If you own or operate a website, you need this information. The information covers how to get your website top rankings on the most popular search engines. It applies to anyone interested in generating more traffic to their website through the search engines. It doesn't matter if you are new to the SEO process or have been working on it for years, the information is, in some cases, shocking! Anyone can do it too! You don't need much to get started and you will be impressed at the results. You'll be saving time and money, avoiding mistakes and disastrous situations, and learning secrets other people only wish they knew. Here are a few things I discuss that will start putting a lot of cash back into your pocket every month. 


It does not matter what type of website you own or what type of marketing you are doing for it (offline or online), one fact remains; over 80% of the visitors will find your site from search engines.

You only have a few choices when it comes to getting search engine traffic.

1.) Pay Per Click (PPC)
 (This can be very costly)

2.) Submit your site and hope you get a good ranking.
(Simply submitting your site to thousands of search engines will NOT bring you traffic)

3.) Hire some overpriced company you know nothing about to "optimize your site(s)"
(This is the biggest mistake you could ever make) - Continue reading to find out why.

 4.) Or keep control over your site's future and save money and SEOYourself.


Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!


The secret is there is NO secret!

  There is NO magic bullet when it comes to getting a top search engine ranking

  SEO companies do not have some secret insider knowledge of how to get a top ranking

  Anyone, I repeat ANYONE, with the right tools (like SEOYourself) and very little knowledge (Free Bonus Tutorial) can get top engine rankings

  Getting a top search engine ranking does not have to cost you thousands of dollars

  SEO companies have started many common myths in order to keep people from optimizing their own sites
(Keep reading and I will go over some of these myths started by SEO companies)

Stick to the basics when it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines. One of the BIG mistakes most SEO companies make is spending too much time trying to figure out the search engine algorithms. The fact is they can not and will not be able to figure this information out. Today's search engines use hundreds of different criteria when it comes to determining where a site will rank. These criteria also are constantly changing and as such it is impossible to ever figure out how or why sites rank as they do.

All you really need to do is outrank your competition!
Our SEOYourself System allows you to do that in 3 easy steps.

1. Pick a search term and find the top ranked page.
2. Compare your page to the top ranked page using our system.
3. Change your own site until your page is ranked higher than your competitors!

Also included in our SEOYourself system are these powerful search engine optimization tools that make getting your sites optimized for a top search engine listing and submitted to all the search engines easy.


Automated Search Engine Submitter - This tool replicated manually submitting to hundreds of the search engines saving you valuable time. Not only that, it continually resubmits to make sure you stay listed. It can also be set to automatically submit to thousands of link pages and directories building your link popularity.
Website Monitors - Our website monitor tool will save you hundreds of hours of work by automatically emailing you detailed reports about your website. These reports include graphing your rankings over time, your website link popularity, as well as, Google PageRank, and Alexa ranking.
Link Popularity Checker - This tool will search all the major search engines and let you know how many other sites are linking back to your website. Major search engines use link popularity when determining where to rank your website.
Google PageRank - Checking and monitoring your Google PageRank it easy using our automated Google Rage Rank tool.
Link Relevancy Checker - This tool will show you how other sites link to your site and your competitors. This is designed to give you a better understanding of how these links can affect your search engine ranking.
Keyword Density Analyzer - Gain insider knowledge of the frequency of the keywords your competitors are using to get top rankings. You can then use this tool to easily compare your website against your competitors.
Search Engine Rankings - Save your valuable time by automatically check your rankings for your keywords on all major search engines. This tool can easily search and find the rankings of your website for any keywords for up to 200 pages of search engines results.
Search Engine Coverage - Find out in an instant which of your website pages are listed on the search engines as well as, knowing which engines are and are not listing your web pages.
Broken Link Checker - Easily identify broken links on your website. Knowing this will allow you to easily fix these links making your site easier to spider by the search engines ensuring all of your pages get listed.
Meta Tag Generator - Despite what many so called experts say meta tags are still an important element search engines look at when determining your website ranking. This tool allows you to easily generate the proper formatted HTML to easily insert meta tags in your website.
Keyword Generator - Using this powerful tool you can easily generate hundreds of keywords for use in your website marketing. Simply type in a keyword related to your site and our system will give you a list of keywords based on your website.
Top Keyword Finder - Once of the hardest elements of search engine optimization is finding the correct keywords to use. Many experts also have a hard time at this or make costly mistakes choosing the wrong words. This tool uses an advanced formula allowing you to easily find the keywords you should be using on your site.

These powerful tools will save you time and aggravation!
SEOYourself system makes it fun and easy!

No longer do you have to pay OUTRAGEOUS money to someone else to get a top ranking!

Anyone can get a top search engine ranking with a little know-how and the right tools!

Another great feature about this system is that it helps you maintain your listing. Remember just as you watched your competition to get a higher ranking, they will be watching you. You can use SEOYourself system to automatically check your rank and keywords so you can tweak your site to stay on top!


Here are some stats of a site that was launched last June using SEOYourself.

Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!


Some comments from just a few of my satisfied customers.


"...visitors began to increase by double"

After I began using my hits and visitors began to increase by double and now four times my original traffic and you have helped me to optimize our website with the tools that come with it, I am a satisfied customer,
thank you,
Thomas D



" I have seen out there."

I would like to let you know that your service has given me more traffic than any other means of website promotion. Hands down, you are the best I have seen out there. Without your service, I wouldn't be steadily moving up in the rankings!!!!!



With my powerful system you will be able to do the following:

  • Discover relevant keywords with little to no competition

  • Spy on your competitors rankings in the engines

  • Learn why your competitor's website outranks yours

  • Determine where you rank for your keywords

  • Generate highly optimized pages for top engine rankings

  • Save time and money using my SEOYourself system

  • Monitor your rankings on all the major engines

  • and much much more....

Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!


" one is more aware of how to do this."

One of the things I like least about testimonials is the way they seem to meander on and on, so here are the unembellished facts.

As webmaster of 5 sites no one could be more aware of the need for traffic.
I have found no one is more aware of how to do this with economy, speed and reliability than you.
To date they have worked with our flagship site and we expect they will eventually work through the remainder, with equal success.

Terence S


Don't listen to people who tell you its takes years of experience to get a top search engine ranking.
This is pure B.S. - the engines constantly change so past experience does NOT play any role in getting a top ranking today.

Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!


"It's money VERY well spent!"

You have helped me get my website in the top 30, 15, 10, 5, and in some cases, even #1 on the search engines. I never dreamed I'd get there, but I did and it's been because of you. The tools you provide to help me create and refine my meta tags, as well as develop my keywords, are fabulous! I really don't know where my site would be without you. It's money VERY well spent! Thank you so much for offering such a superior product.

At Your Service,
Marianne  B



"...all of the essential site management tools"

I have spent days trolling through the various optimization services available on the web and can honestly say that you are by far and away the easiest and yet comprehensive tool available. I started off using services that did it for you but found them unreliable, ineffective and incredibly frustrating I loathed having to wait days for response or worse not getting answered at all. 

It is simple to use and gives the inexperienced  like myself the confidence to do it yourself. Just because it is simple to use doesn't mean it isn't comprehensive however and it covers off all the essential site management tools.



As I mentioned the engines always change and so will your rankings. So if you outsource your SEO, you will continually have to pay these companies to maintain your rankings. STOP tossing your money out the door.


"...first page of every search engine"

We couldn't be happier with the results we've had! Our site is listed on the first page of every search engine I've checked out.

Hollis G


Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!

"...increased clicks by five hundred per day"

I have tried many different things and ways to promote my website over the last couple years. I have also spent considerable money using so called experts for building traffic. Nothing has worked very well or at all. In the two weeks I have used your product I have increased my clicks by five hundred per far!
Dave H

Using my easy to use SEOYourself system you to can become an SEO expert and start charging others to optimize their websites.


Think About It...

If you ever visited any type of so called SEO expert forum, you will find that most experts will tell you its a "bad idea" to use any type of search engine system (matter of fact, some "so called" experts have even said this about Why do you think this is? The one simple answer is that they all have a vested interest in you - to pay for their SEO service. They will just take your hard earned money and use the same system to optimize your site that they were telling you not to use. Don't spend your money this way when you can easily do SEO yourself!


Common Search Engine Myths
started by SEO companies who want your $$...

  • Myth- Submitting a site too often to the search engines will get the site banned

  • Myth- Submitting to FFAs (link pages) will get you banned

  • Myth- Doorway pages will get you banned

  • Myth- Automatic rank checking will get you banned

    There is almost nothing you can do to get banned
    Think about it....if there was you could easily get all of your competition banned from the engines - the engines are much smarter than this.

  • Myth- Submitting to thousands of search engines is a waste of time
    You will not gain much traffic from smaller engines but every bit helps. This also will increase your link popularity and some engines use this in determining your rank.

  • Myth- XYZ company can guarantee a top listing on XYZ SE
    No company can guarantee a top listing in the engines, but our tools can get you on your way to a top rank.

  • Myth- You have to use (Pay Per Click) PPC to get listed
    PPC is a good way to get listed in the engines however, this is also very costly and should only be used to supplement your free listings. 

  • Myth- You need to hire an expert to get your site optimized
    Again as mentioned ANYONE can get a top engine ranking with a little know-how, some effort, and most importantly, the right tools. SEO companies do NOT have any secret knowledge of how the engines rank sites.

Remember all its takes is the right tools like SEOYourself and you too can get a top search engine ranking.


  Access To Members Only Services 

SEO Analyzer!!!

This is just like having your own SEO Expert by your side 24/7
(Click Here For Amazing Screenshots Of This Service)

Our new SEO Analyzer crawls your website just like a search engine spider does. It will then check your website with over 20 different elements that the search engines use to rank websites. The SEO Analyzer will then give you a detailed list telling you exactly what changes you need to make to your website to improve its rankings.

Instant Website Traffic

Automatically get targeted visitors directly to your website.
This is the same service the "Big Guys" use to get visitors for less than 1/2 cent each.

Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings

Get a guaranteed top 10 listing on hundreads of search engines.
This is similar to a Pay Per Click listing but you are NOT charged per click!

Members Only Banner Exchange

Exchange banners with other SEOYourself members.
Display other members banners on your site and have your banner shown on their site.



Special Bonus Features:

As you already know the search engines change from time to time that's why I think you'll be excited to hear that our system also includes...

Automatic System Updates:

The database for our system is updated 3x per month. We continually monitor all major search engines updates and continually update our system to make sure it is the best and most current do it yourself seo system available.

Free lifetime product support:

Once you order you will also have access to our online support center. Myself or my support will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have about search engine optimization.



Valuable Bonuses 
Free With Your Order

Free Bonus #1

4 Part Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
(this will give you the info engines look for)

Part 1 - Why Search Engines Are Important To You .
Part 2 - The Basics. What's the difference between Google, Yahoo and bing, and more?
Part 3 - How to get listed. What to do and what you can expect to happen.
Part 4 - How to improve your ranking. Just being listed isn't enough. Learn tricks to get a top ranking.

Free Bonus #2

50 Professionally designed web site templates ($2,500 Value)
These web site templates are being sold elsewhere on the Internet for $50.00 each!


Here is how easy it is to get started.

  • Click the link below and place your order for SEOYourself 

  • Login to your SEOYourself control panel.

  • Our easy to follow system wizards will walk you through the entire submission.

  • Wait for the search engines to list your site.

  • Use the other powerful tools to analyze your rankings.

  • Make simple changes to your site to get top rankings based on the information the system will provide you.

  • Watch your rankings climb and your website EXPLODE!

 Stop Losing Money - SEOYourself Today!


What's a Top Search Engine Ranking
Really Worth To Your Business?

SEOYourself is the most advanced system for getting top engine rankings that exists on the Internet today. When you consider the amount of traffic a top engine ranking is worth is literally priceless, any price we could place on SEOYourself would make it an outright steal. Not to mention all the money you will save by no longer having to outsource your SEO.

This system IS NOT FOR EVERYONE and I don't want it to be!

Only purchase our system if you are serious about getting a top search engine ranking for your sites. It does take a little time and effort, but the benefits far outweigh the effort you put into it. Once you get a top search engine ranking you will literally get thousands of visitors to your site daily. Imagine having a retail store where thousands of people come in to buy from you daily.

For only $19.99/month (no contracts! - cancel at anytime!) you too can access the same tools as the SEO experts. Plus our valuable bonus tutorial will show you exactly what the search engines are looking for. This is all it takes to get a top search engine ranking for all your websites.

Our Money 100% Back Guarantee

If for any reason within the next 60 days, you are not satisfied with SEOYourself, simply contact me and I will return your money 100%. I know this product works. It works for me and for thousands people from all over the world. 


Works with both Windows and Mac

Get Instant Access to SEOYourself System
Right Now!



(Access Is Available Immediately After Purchase!) 


See you at the top,

Joe Buckley -

P.S. - Earn a great income by referring others to my SEOYourself system. I will pay you 30% monthly for the life of the client for each and every customer you send me.
Click here to join my affiliate program. 

P.P.S. - Remember, every minute you wait to get your hands on SEOYourself, you are Losing Customers and Wasting Money.


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